How to Prepare a Trial Balance in 5 Steps

how to read trial balance

Double-entry bookkeeping requires that all accounting transactions have equal debits and credits. Accountants may use different types of trial balances for specific accounting tasks at different times. In a double entry accounting system, all transactions are recorded using debits and credits. Whenever a journal entry is made, the total debit amount must match the total credit amount. A trial balance is a summarization of all journal entries made, aggregated by account. The result is a report that shows the total debit or credit balance for each account, where the grand total of the debits and credits stated in the report sum to zero.

  • While modern accounting software can minimize data entry errors and similar mistakes, trial balances still have their uses among internal company leadership.
  • The following week, Trump’s lawyers asked New York’s Appellate Division, First Department for permission to post a $100 million bond — a fraction of the over $550 million needed to cover the full judgment.
  • Trial balances simply reflect the financial position of your business as of a specific date.
  • Accelerate your company’s accounting close by using automated batch payment reconciliation in Tipalti AP automation software.
  • It is important to understand there are two types of errors in the trial balance.

Let’s now take a look at the T-accounts and unadjusted trial balance for Printing Plus to see how the information is transferred from the T-accounts to the unadjusted trial balance. In this method, the process of totalling the ledger accounts on both sides is followed trial balance by balancing the accounts. Account balancing is a process where both sides are tallied by placing the balance on the side where the amount falls short. You’ll likely prepare an unadjusted, adjusted, and post-closing trial balance during the accounting cycle.

Invest in accounting software

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how to read trial balance

It may be necessary to consult transaction records to reconcile the accounts properly. Common errors include transposition (digits are flipped in an entry), omission (a transaction is missed), and incorrect postings (the wrong account is debited or credited). The Trial Balance Report is a tool to identify these mistakes, not to fix them. Limitations aside, a trial balance can still be a valuable tool for evaluating your company’s finances, and it can be helpful when you examine your company’s financial statements. In this example, the debits equal credits ($120,000 and $120,000), which suggests that the debit and credit entries are accurate. You should try to create a trial balance at least once every reporting period.

Check Your Financial Records With a Trial Balance

For example, your accounts payable account may contain multiple smaller entries, which you’ll need to total before transferring this data to your trial balance. When you prepare your trial balance, include as much detail as possible, such as the date of the accounting period. This information will help you stay organized if you need to refer to your previous trial balances.

how to read trial balance

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